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Going Solar In Delaware

Delaware might not be our country’s largest state, but when it comes to solar, it’s kind of a big deal. With enough solar already installed to power over 7,000 homes, and prices dropping year after year, more and more homeowners in the First State are turning to clean solar energy to help control their electric costs. And factoring in Sunrun’s industry leading performance guarantee, locked in rates, and zero to little down options, it becomes clear why so many people have gone solar.

Offering both lease and purchasing options, a complete solar system can be installed on your home for little to $0 down. By providing you with both a lower bill, and locked in electricity rate for 20 years, we’ve been saving customers on average 20%. Depending on your current usage that could represent a savings of $20,000 or more!

Push the hidden fees and surprise hikes to the side to save big and know you made the right decision to go solar.

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Solar Plans & Pricing in Delaware

Going solar in Delaware can be expensive. With systems costing on average of  $18,000 to $40,000, the initial investment for homeowners can be excessive – but it doesn’t have to be. If you want both the environmental and financial benefits of solar without breaking the bank, a solar lease from Sunrun is the perfect fit for you.

With a lease, Sunrun buys and maintains the solar panels on your home while you pay a fixed, monthly rate that’s less than your current electric bill. Most customers get started for little to $0 down, and save up to $20,000 over 20 years on electricity costs! It’s easy to see why solar leasing has become such a popular option.

Want to purchase outright and own the system?  Sunrun’s expert installers will design, install, and have you running on solar in no time.

Save With Solar in Delaware!

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The Solar Advantage

When you go solar with Sunrun, you’ll never have to worry if you made the right decision. Solar provides countless benefits, and the only regret you’ll have is that you waited so long.

During the consolation phase, you will receive a low, predictable electricity rate less than what you’re currently paying your local utility. While residential electric rates in Delaware continue to drastically rise, your rate will either stay the same or only slightly increase depending on your plan. Most Sunrun customers end up saving 20% on their electricity costs over 20 years!

  • Save up to 20% on your electricity bill for little to $0 down
  • Invest in a clean, reliable, and renewable resource
  • Getting setup with solar is a breeze
  • Increase your properties value

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Getting started with Solar

Ready for the next step but not sure where to begin? Just a couple of minutes on the phone with one of our experienced consultants is all it takes to start going solar today!

After a few simple questions, and determining that your home is a good fit for solar we will provide you with a free, fully customized quote and diagram of your new system.

Before the installation, we will come to your home to review your electricity bill, learn all about you energy needs, and customize a system that’s tailored specifically for you. Together we’ll select the best panels for your home, and determine whether a lease or purchase plan is better suited for your needs.

When you’re ready, simply sign the agreement to ensure low energy costs and savings for the next 20 years!

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