• Sunruns programs, product, and customer service went way beyond what I expected. Sunrun kept me informed every step of the way and handled everything all the way up to the installation. I feel comfortable knowing if there is ever an issue it will be fixed with no money out of my pocket.
    Sunrun Solar Five Star Review

      Jordon Andreas
    Jordon Andreas Pepperell, MA
  • Having gone through the installation process, I can say that I have never dealt with a company that was so thorough and well organized. Install went quick and now I'm having fun watching the electricity I'm generating on my phone app. You can't go wrong with Sunrun - I highly recommend them.
    Sunrun Solar Five Star Review

      Jenny Viatrix
    Jenny Viatrix Englewood, CO
  • Going solar with Sunrun has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. After installation we saw savings on our first bill, and no longer have to worry about unexpected price increases. The entire process went smoothly, and went faster than we expected. Thanks Sunrun!
    Sunrun Solar Five Star Review

      Alexander Nagib
    Alexander Nagib San Marcos, CA


Want to protect yourself from rising utility rates, hidden fees, surprise hikes, AND save money while doing it? When you go solar with Sunrun, you can receive a locked in electricity rate that’s both predictable, and lower then what you currently pay your utility.

  • Go solar for little to $0 down!
  • Save 20% on your electricity bill for 20 years.
  • Solar protects you against rising utility rates.


Going solar has never been easier or more cost-efficient than today.

If you want to get started for little to $0 down, solar leasing is for you. With a lease, Sunrun buys, installs, and maintains the solar system, while you pay a fixed monthly rate that’s less than your current electric bill. Over 20 years, savings can reach $20,000 or more!

Want to own your system? Sunrun also offers purchasing options that put you in full control.

Why Go Solar

Are you a homeowner that wants to save money on electricity while making a positive impact for future generations?

If you’ve answered yes, it’s time to join the thousands of happy, money-saving customers that have already made the switch. Going solar is a breeze, and from the initial system design to the installation process we handle it all.

  • We take care of everything, you enjoy the savings.
  • Your system is fully under warranty.
  • Help create a planet that’s run off of clean renewable energy.

Sunrun Home Solar is Now Available in These States

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